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Antarctic Coin Is A Great Investment Property And Contribution In Reducing Carbon Footprint


Oct 13, 2022

The Antarctic Lands Organization started the ALO Global Project to promote foreign& environmental policies for the contributing states at the global level. Antarctic Foundation [AAL] is a component of the ALO Global project launched to promote research, protect, expand, and develop a sustainable ecosystem. 

ALO promotes the Antarctic coin, which uses blockchain technology for securing a digital, transparent, decentralized, non-inflationary, global currency. The symbol of the token is AAL. It is BEP20 type and uses BSC or Binance Smart Chain. BSC technology is chosen as it has multiple reliable features similar to Ethereum and at the same time, the transaction speed and cost are quick. 

In terms of token distribution, a total of 250.000.000 AAL will be mined, out of which 60% is allocated to the public & liquidity pool. Team & founders will receive 18%, lawyers & advisors 4%. The PR & marketing team gets 4%, project funds 10%, airdrop 1%, and 3% are reserved. 

The Antarctic coin has a competitive initial price. It offers investors the opportunity to enter a promising, new market on a massive scale with less investment. For example, carbon market investment now is a huge opportunity than gold oil and even BTC. Companies and individuals are embarking on the route of removing their carbon footprints, so carbon credit demands are dramatically increasing, and its rates will inevitably increase. 

With the escalation in prices, there will be more investors rushing to purchase carbon credits & cryptocurrencies like the Antarctic coin that tokenizes the carbon credits. A good investor always buys when rates are low and sell when value is high!

AAL token’s existence is still unknown to most people, so offers an ideal investment opportunity with incalculable potential and zero initial risk. It is a long-term investment that can help to increase capital, reduce business carbon footprint, and even protects against inflation.

There are several ALO projects besides carbon footprint reduction. It includes the study & development of the Antarctica housing system, advice & funding of the green pre-startups, and more. 

The exchanges and purchases of AAL tokens will be carried out via a decentralized exchange – Pancakeswap using USDT. The first phase is the airdrop, where the participant will get 100 AAL each for free. It is followed by the pre-sale phase reserved for private or institutional investors at 0.05 USDT but must invest 5000 USDT, at the least. However, it is beneficial because the price is 50% less than its launch value. This phase will last for 4 months.

After pre-sale, the sales 1 phase will start. There is no mention of a predefined minimum investment. Investors can buy AAL coins at a 30% discount which is 0.07 USDT. The phase will last for only one month.

In the sales 2 phase, investors can buy tokens at a 15% discount or 0.085 USDT. The maximum duration of this stage is one month. Due to the lock-in condition, no one will be able to sell it or create chaos associated with the AAL token’s market stability. 

The Free Antarctic airdrop coin distribution quota is limited, so connect MetaMask Wallet and claim it!

By Journee